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SharePoint debugger feature

I would like to reference to an old post that appeared in 2007 on, that mentions the SharePoint debugger feature. I use it quite a lot and i am sure a lot of people don’t know about its existance.  Its a relatively simple feature that shows up in the SiteActions menu, opens a page which tries to launch the debugger. Using this feature, you don’t need to run iisapp, find the right PID and attach that process to your debugger. Make sure to edit the web.config to allow debugging.

link to the article:
the link referenced to the codeplex source doesnt work anymore. Use the following link instead:

‘Microsoft.Office.Server.Internal.UI.SharedServicesAdminDefaultPage’ is not allowed for this page

Yesterday,  I wanted to visit my SSP admin page, but for some reason, i got the following error:

“The base type ‘Microsoft.Office.Server.Internal.UI.SharedServicesAdminDefaultPage’ is not allowed for this page”

I had, and still have, no clue what caused the problem, but I solved it by adding the following line to the web.config:

<SafeControl Assembly=”Microsoft.Office.Server.UI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c” Namespace=”Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls” TypeName=”*” />