Monthly Archives: August 2011

How to branch with the SharePoint scenario framework

Waldek Mastykarz posted a superb post about one of those hidden SharePoint gems: the SharePoint scenario framework for multi-page forms. As Waldek showed off, this framework enables us to create some flows, but I was wondering if branched flows (for example, an easy yes/no) were possible. And it seems to be that it is!. This post shows off how to create a branched flow based on webparts and the SharePoint scenario framework.

Disclaimer: some code has been taken from Waldek and has been slightly modified. Shameless copy 😉

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Fast Search for SharePoint problems – simplified architecture diagram

Recently I had a few colleagues (and myself) who tried to install FAST search for SharePoint on their development workstation. Despite the well written installation guidelines on MSDN, they had several problems, and sadly enough, they all faced different problems. These problems varied from not able to crawl the content to not being able to query the indexed content. As most of the colleagues weren’t too familiar with Fast (and SharePoint search in general), I decided to create a small architecture diagram of the SharePoint 2010 Search Service Applications, Fast Search for SharePoint and (some of) their junction points. These junction points are displayed in the image below. To simplify the diagram, some items have been removed, the search query proxy is one example.

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