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How to integrate SignalR 2.0 in a SharePoint 2013 MVC App

With the introduction of Apps for SharePoint 2013 and the expansion of the SharePoint API, a whole new world opened for us, the SharePoint developers. This blogpost describes on how to integrate SignalR 2.0 into a SharePoint 2013 MVC app, with the possiblity to use SignalR from your hostweb! We will end up with a nifty SharePoint application that makes use of signalR and a remote  event receiver, which uses the signalR hub to push through new items to every registred client. An example solution is provided at the end of the document, but imagine what you could do with this. I personally always include signalR solutions when building apps, to monitor all events that I am interested in when debugging/fixing apps.

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Posting documents to the SharePoint newsfeed from the contextmenu

SharePoint 2013 brought great things: great new social features, the API got a major extension and of course, the new introduced app model. A feature that I really missed though, was the ability to post documents to your newsfeed from the context menu. This blogpost describes how to do this.

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I’ll be speaking at the visual studio 2013 launch in the Netherlands (13-11-2013)

November 13th is the day that Visual Studio 2013 officially will be launched to the public during a virtual Launch Event. InfoSupport organizes, toghether with the Microsoft communities a special event around this Launch, with the theme:

Step into the world of apps and cloud with Visual Studio 2013

All attendees will together watch the official Launch, live streamed from New York. After the stream 6 sessions are planned which will share technical details about Visual Studio 2013 and the Microsoft Platform: I’ll present one of these: Building SharePoint 2013 and Office Apps with Visual Studio 2013

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