Monthly Archives: March 2021

I’ll present at the SUGNL: 3 lessons I’ve learned with Sitecore on Docker (and does Sitecore require you to migrate?)

On April 8th, the first virtual Sitecore Usergroup for the Netherlands will be organized, I am proud that Achmea, my employer, may host this first virtual meetup.

In my presentation, I’ll talk about 3 lessons (or maybe more) that I’ve learned when migrating from Sitecore 9 on Azure PaaS to Sitecore 10 on containers. Each phase (my first experience, optimizing the docker strategy and making the most out of the platform) will be part of this presentation. I’ll give you the answer to the populair question “does Sitecore require me to migrate to containers”?

This will NOT be a “getting started” session, but isn’t an “advanced concepts” session either. Just a fun session from a guy who had fun migrating from one technology to another.

How to use the new dotnet Nuget Security Vulnerabilities scanning for packages.config and .Net full framework in 3 simple steps

A few days ago, Microsoft explained on their devblog how to scan nuget packages for security vulnerabilities. This is a feature which was recently released, but has been on the github issue list for quite some time. Microsoft uses the Github Adivsory Database to identify vulnerabilities in nuget packages, click here for more information. Microsoft added the vulnerability check to their dotnet tooling. Just run a dotnet list package –vulnerable, (make sure to update visual studio or .net 5.0!!) and a nice overview of vulnerable packages is shown. However, this only works with the PackageReference format. In our situation, we are still using the old packages.config format in hundreds of projects, as we cannot migrate to the PackageReference format yet. This old format can’t benefit from this lovely gem; That’s why I decided to create a little script in order to get an overview of (possible) vulnerabilities in our code bases. The script can be found here.

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