Monthly Archives: December 2012

SharePoint 2010 signout different behaviours based on the number of selected Authentication Types

While working on our custom ADFS login component and deployed this version to our DTAP street, we saw different behaviours when signing out of a site, under different circumstances. Wen users tried to logout via the page “/_layouts/signout.aspx” users sometimes where redirected back to the root of the site and in some cases users got the message “please close the browser to signout”. As I was curious why this happened, I decided to check a few things out.

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Customizing ADFS login for SharePoint 2010: how we did it

In SharePoint 2010 the possibility of claims based authentication was introduced. The out of the box experience of this functionality is often OK, for example in cases of corporate intranets and extranets, but it doesn’t always fulfill the requirements of internet facing websites which require authentication.  This blogposts describes why we wanted to implement the active login scenario and learns us what kind of problems we encountered (and nailed ;))

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