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A universal guide to the mono package deployment

In my Sitecore symposium session “Sitecore in the enterprise: Optimize your time to deliver toward the speed of light, using all the new love in Azure DevOps” (and yes that is a mouth full) I spend quite some time on the “mono-package” approach. This blogpost what a mono-package is and why it is (much) faster in terms of deployments as opposed to using multiple web deployment packages.

Disclaimer 1: In this blogpost I talk (a bit) about Sitecore, but it is applicable for any application that is being deployed using msdeploy or the app service task in Azure DevOps. The blogpost “Sitecore challenges on the mono-package approach” contains the specific challenges faced that had to be solved.

Disclaimer 2: Some people might immediately be opinionated: “how could you ever end up with multiple packages, you have a bad architecture”. I understand your pain and in some cases you might be right. But there are cases where you have to deal with external factors, such as existing platforms and organizational challenges, where a layered approach is a not to weird solution.

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How to run Azure DevOps hosted (Linux) build agents as private agents (and be able to scale them accordingly)

Lately, I was preparing for a talk on Azure DevOps for the Sitecore community. For this talk I wanted to talk about scaling up and scaling out of build agents and compare the performance of different sized build agents on larger projects. Due to some limitations on the hosted Azure DevOps build agents, I had to create my own build agents. This blogpost will explain why I had to create my own agents and how I did this without too much effort. TLDR: just run a packer script to create your own private build agents

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