Monthly Archives: August 2020

How to use the Nuget / Azure Artifact credential provider with a .net docker build container to connect to authenticated Azure DevOps feeds

This blogpost describes how to add the Azure Artifact nuget credential provider to a windows based docker container for building .Net (full framework) solutions, using authenticated Azure DevOps artifacts feeds. As I couldn’t find a feasible solution, I decided to write a quick guide on how to set this up. This blogpost makes use of the provided Dockerfile structure that Sitecore provides, but the learnings can be applied in any solution. In other words: this post is not tied to the Sitecore ecosystem. To skip immediately to the instructions, click this link

Note: It has been a while that I was really, really, really enthusiastic about a new release of Sitecore, but this Sitecore 10 release, it’s just: WOW. Sitecore has finally put an enormous effort into making new(ish) technology, such as containers, .net core, real CI/CD, command line automation available to their developers. That, together with the new, supported, serialization solution, Sitecore made a giant leap towards a complete, modern developer experience. This blogpost describes how a private Azure Devops Artififact nuget feed can be used in conjunction with the Sitecore Docker setup.

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