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Once bitten, twice shy: Why my docker-compose build keeps having problems with my azure devops artifacts feed

In a previous blogpost I explained how to setup a docker build which allows to connect to an authorized Azure Devops Artifacts feed. I often use this feed, as it contains packages which we don’t want to share in public. However, almost every single time when I start fiddling around with my private feed, things break. Badly:

Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized).

Although I was pretty sure that the FEED_ACCESSTOKEN, which is required for correct authentication, was correctly set in my environment file, the docker-build still falled back to an old value.

Emptying the cache, deleting images: nothing helped. It appeared that I had set the environment variable for this same FEED_ACCESSTOKEN on system-level as well. Apparently, the global environment variable takes precedence over the locally set variable.

Two solutions are possible here:

  • run $env:FEED_ACCESSTOKEN =”” before you run your actual build
  • simply delete the FEED_ACCESSTOKEN from your environment variables.

Thanks for reading another episode of “Once bitten, twice shy.”

How to use Application insights and your visitors to detect when your site is offline

When hosting high traffic websites, it’s important to keep them up and running at all times. At the moment one of them goes down, it might lead to a conversion loss or decrease in NPS. Detection of unplanned downtime is very important in these cases. In some cases, there isn’t even downtime, but *something* in the infrastructure prevents the website from loading (I’ll explain a few cases after the break). This blogpost will teach you how to use your visitors as a continuous monitoring beacon. Code can be found here. Also a small shoutout to my colleague Marten Bonnema who created an AI-plugin which *does* work with serviceworkers.

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