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Test and demo environments in an instant: How to pre-provision content to the master and web database in Sitecore containers in 5 simple steps

In our company, we use Unicorn for content serialization, in order to be able to deploy “applicative” content like templates across our environments. For dev and test, we also provide content that we use for regression testing in these environments; we don’t (want to) sync our production content to these environments. We also had the wish to spin up environments upon request, with all of this content available in an instant, for example to validate pull requests. With 20000 yml files, the synchronization process takes at least 45 minutes: this takes way too long for a fast regression test and doesn’t fit in a fast “shift left” strategy. With the introduction of containers, things have changed, as full pre-provisioned environments can be spinned up in literally minutes.

Note 1: My current opinion is that this is not a feasible way to deploy content into production!
Note 2: I recently found out that this is the same approach as the demo team uses to provide their Lightroom demo

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Sitecore XP1 composition architecture

Sitecore 10 on docker – Help to understand the composition of the configuration

After following the “getting started”  guide by Nick Wesselman, I had my first Sitecore 10 environment up and running in Sitecore, so there is no need to write about the convenient installation. But being new to Docker and (thus) new to the new approach that Sitecore uses for these development environments, I struggled a little bit in understanding how everything worked together. I wanted to know about the structure, dependencies. As I couldn’t find any blogpost on the new structure/setup and how all the roles correlate to each other and how the dependencies are working, I decided to dive into it and share it. Note: there is a lot of information on the Sitecore DevEx Containers documentation site and it explains how things can/should be achieved, I can really recommend this site.

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