Presenting at Sitecore Symposium 2016 – Keeping hackers out

2016, Jul 21

At the upcoming Sitecore Symposium, starting on September 15th, I’ll have the pleasure of presenting a session about Sitecore Security -  Keeping Hackers out: Secure Application Development for Sitecore.

Fix vulnerabilities before the bad guys find them

Your Sitecore installation might be hardenend, but that doesn’t mean jack to a hacker. This session will explain the basics on secure application development for Sitecore, to make your websites safe. Using lots of demos, I will show you common security vulnerabilities, their root causes and how to fix them. You’ll learn why you should invest in security, how easy your site may be to hack, how to fix vulnerabilities, and how to write code that’s secure. You’ll walk with source code goodies, free to use.

This is an altered and improved session of my SUGCON session in Copenhagen this year, with some great reviews:

Come and join my session

Come over and join me on my session on web application Security. Astonishing demos and maybe you’ll see a glimpse of Bobby Hack.