SharePoint Analyzer

2009, Jan 30

Some days ago i was browsing the internet for sharepoint analyze tools. On tool has been developed by the well known "Bamboo Solutions", it's called "Bamboo SharePoint Analyzer". It helps discovering the SharePoint administration:

  • The information for the entire farm topology, from Web Applications down to individual lists.
  • Server information, including patches and updates.
  • Information on databases that are being used as part of your SharePoint deployment.
  • Solutions and Features that have been deployed, displayed per Web App, Site Collection or Site scope.
  • Services and their status.
  • Content of the log files in your SharePoint farm (v1.1)
  • Integrate and display reports from MS Best Practice Analyzer (v1.1)
  • Display farm access accounts information (v1.1)
  • Information about Bamboo products that are used in your farm, and compare with latest version available on the Bamboo web site (v1.1).

For a download and more information, go here: